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1992 Volkswagen GTI

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I have been looking for a Mk2 for quite some time since I've basically stopped working on the MK4. The MK4 is a great car, and I thoroughly enjoy driving it but at this point anything I do to it is going to cost big money. That would involve either major engine modifications or major body customization. The car has 31,000 miles on it (as of June 2006) and I want to keep those miles down to keep its value up should I decide to sell or trade it in. I'll still be driving it on the nice days and what-not.

That brings me to May 3, 2006 when I bought my second VW GTI. It was a customer car for one of the Denver area tuning companies RS Motorsports. I've spoken with Joel from RS a few times about my MK4 and his reputation in the community is outstanding. They were asking $1800 originally, but Joel dropped it down to $1500 which was exactly the number I had in mind. I saw it during lunch and ran a CarFax after I got back to the office which came back clean and I arranged the money and the same day, I drove it home.

One of the biggest selling points is the color. It seems like every GTI I have found has been black (which I will NEVER do again, and I mean it this time...) or red (which I've never been very fond of). The Montana Green(Monty) is a much less common color and kinda off-beat which suits my desires for this car. I plan on building a daily driver and track car, with attention to detail and thoughtfulness that should at least not make it embarrassing to take to car shows.

Since I've decided to put a VR6 into it, the track car idea is pretty well shot so I've kinda gone more towards the show side. It's in no way a "show car" build since I'm not putting that kind of detail into it, but if I decide to do something more serious down the line, I've got a great start.

My plan is to go euro-retro with the car.
Exterior details include:
Interior details include:
Performance details include:
*Italic is done or acquired.

I've got a running list of parts I'm looking for, what I've found and what I've paid for things. Click here for the list.
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